Brienna Boisvert


Growing up as a devout animal lover in New Hampshire, Brie chose the University of Georgia’s Animal Science program to develop her education. While learning the logistics behind animal management, care and training in the classroom, Brie also craved a more hands-on, one-on-one experience. With the stray dog epidemic in the Southeast, she engaged in a volunteer opportunity at the local animal shelter, and the rest is history! She spent her free time rehabilitating dogs of varying age, breed, size, temperament, and medical status. Through that experience, she learned that animals find true contentment by leading fit, engaging lives; especially in an off-leash setting! She moved to the NH Seacoast and established Expawditions.

In the picture

Puck (left) | Boxer/Aussie Mix | 8 y/o
Diego (right) | Shepherd/Lab/Hound | 10 y/o

Puck + Diego are the co-pack leaders of Expawditions. They help to direct the group through fun, safe environments, and throw the trail’s best cookie parties!